You have talent in spades and are giving it your all, but...

You aren't getting the recognition and rewards that should come with your high talent.

Let's be honest: you don't have a mentor. You may have a friend, mom, or boo, but they can't help you navigate the corporate waters.  

Succeeding in corporate isn't like cutting your own bangs. And going it alone is like performing surgery on yourself -- NOT A GOOD IDEA.

To succeed in corporate and actually still love your life, have a life, and have a love -- you have to up your voice, confidence, and visibility. Yep, great work alone won't ever get you the results you really want and nor will being the wrong kind of team player. 

Being a team player isn't about being the team "housewife."


leadership that uplevels

I want every woman to feel confident in her corporate voice and leadership skills, while being well-rewarded!

No more feeling unqualified.

No more stressing out for hours over a single conversation in which you wish you would’ve said this or that.

No more feeling that you have to act like a man to succeed incorporate.  

And no more fear of screwing things up now that you’ve reached a certain level of success.




Here's the truth. If you want to be a "success" in this corporate world you will have to do more than the guys. Yep, there is a glass ceiling.  Still. And modeling the men is never going to get you the position or make you the money.

BUT that doesn't mean you can't have the corporate career of your dreams. 

Personally, I have come from the projects of New Jersey to the heights of corporate success. To succeed as a woman, and especially a woman of color, you can't play by the "rule book" everyone tries to brainwash you into believing (and doing).

Cassandra is a magnet for leaders seeking wise counsel. She is the rare leader whose easy relational style coupled with executive experience in global organizations make her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their skills and advance their career.
— Jeff Jones, President

LET'S rewrite the book for your corporate success

Cassandra Shepard Polished For Promotion


You’ve been in the corporate world long enough to become a talent in your functional discipline but your title, pay and level of influence don’t match your high talent.  

You want to achieve more but you feel stuck and stalled. Others seem to be coming out of nowhere and getting the prime assignments.

Cassandra Shepard Leader of Substance


Do you know your stuff technically but haven’t had the right leadership training or coaching, so you’re left wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do differently as a manager?

Do you feel like if you were different in some way, that you could go further than you have or reach the full potential that your brains, talents, and competencies would allow?

Cassandra Shepard Elite Executive


The higher level you are in the organization, the more discretion and the more of a safe place and sounding board you need to really have that outside perspective.  

Yet sadly, women have fewer options for that than men given how few women are in top levels of leadership.

As Managing Partner for one of the most successful minority executive search firms, with clients such as Disney and Conduent, I can say that Cassandra is an exemplary inspiration to those seeking to achieve professional and personal balance and success.
— Charles Grevious, President & Managing Partner