Cassandra Shepard

"I have everyone around me, but no one to support me."


As an executive leader you have gone through 1,001 battle scars just to get where you’re at.  And I applaud you as a woman who didn’t give up on herself and her goals and for being highly driven.

However, I have a question for you.

Are you doing life as an executive leader alone?    



Do you find yourself isolated because there are few other women executives who you can safely confide in and get feedback from?

You know, as executives climb the proverbial corporate ladder they often become more isolated and one of the greatest difficulties they face is the inability to gain access to people who ask questions, provide sound advice, and give counsel.  

And the higher the position you have as a senior leader, the more discretion and the more of a safe place and sounding board you need to have that outside perspective, receive feedback and have the strategic partnering that you are likely missing at the top of the organization.

This is why I’m here to help.


Hi, I’m Cassandra Shepard.  I have extensive global business experience in C-suite positions, have served as the right-hand to the CEO of a $850M global organization, have a Global Executive MBA degree from Duke University and multiple certifications in Strategy, Change Management and Human Resources.  

I’ve also had the unique privilege to be coached and mentored for four years by one of the world’s most pre-eminent leadership consultant/clinical psychologist/and best-selling author. Listen to the video to learn more about that.

I draw on my experience in business, leadership consulting, and coaching to impart sound and practical advice to CxO leaders for improving their leadership skills and business performance.

I’ve both experienced and witnessed firsthand the type of coaching support that successful CxOs invest in to keep their skills sharp and their blindspots minimized.  Let me do the same for you.


  • Developing Corporate and Division Strategy

  • Building Your High Performing Leadership Team To Successfully Carry Your Leadership Banner

  • Designing Your Organization For Maximum Effectiveness

  • Leading Through Change

  • Managing Your Energy and Leveraging Your Time

  • Elevating Your Communication Platforms As An Executive Leader

  • Enhancing Your Leadership Brand

  • Optimizing Board of Directors Relations

  • Handling the Sensitive & Unique Situations Facing Women Executives

Elite Executive coaching is a 12-month, fully customized plan specific to each executive’s goals and objectives, to include coaching calls, in-person intensives, strategy design, and material review and feedback.

Investment is tailored to each unique executive coaching and consulting engagement.  

As Managing Partner for one of the most successful minority executive search firms, with clients such as Disney and Conduent, I can say that Cassandra is an exemplary inspiration to those seeking to achieve professional and personal balance and success.
— Charles Grevious, President & Managing Partner